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Love of Art & Murder From Mystic to the City of Steeples
 "Original, fascinating, with more unexpected plot twists and turns than an Oklahoma tornado..."
Midwest Book Review - James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief


In Roses, Wine & Murder...
Vineyards, gardens, fine wine, and food pairings delight... but death disturbs all tranquility!

"There's a sharp wit and humor in Young's writing that will charm you... funny and compelling... a complex mystery... a peek into the world of wine and plants." 
Readers' Favorites Reviewer, Liz Konkel

Many beautiful vineyards are highlighted in the novel and Georgi, a wine sommelier, educates us on wine and food pairings.

Roses, Wine & Murder - Book Trailer Video

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Narrated by Eric Altheide, SAG

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Roses, Wine, & Murder - In the City of Steeples 

is an intriguing, madcap adventure laced with New England history, scenic vineyards, and a harrowing Coast Guard rescue.
   Roxanne Samson, a sweet and sensible gardening expert, is targeted by a mysterious assailant after a man is found dead in her city garden.
Georgi Algarve, a flamboyant wine aficionado, becomes deeply entangled in the mayhem, yet carries on serving wine dinners at the exclusive Vinho Verde Wine Bar. The endearing duo test Detective Morrison's resolve and complicate his case with their sleuthing escapades.
   Morrison must juggle multiple suspects including a goth library worker and deviant doppelgangers. The villain continues to foil the investigation utilizing New London’s labyrinth streets and manipulating citizens of the City of Steeples.
   There is plenty of flair and foul play in this modern-day, fast-paced mystery.
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Audio narrated by Eric Altheide, SAG actor
                   👍5 Star - Audible Review 

"Worth every penny, and moment! This is a well-written, well-narrated, hard-to-stop-listening-to book." Reviewer: MariaUnfiltered

with Audiobook narrator, Eric Altheide, Marnye Young of Audio Sorceress, and I

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 This story picks up two months after,
Roses, Wine & Murder!
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The Book Barn, Niantic, CT
Classic Country Furniture, Uncasville, CT
The Red House Cultural Arts Center,  Salem, CT
Slater Museum Gift Shop, Norwich, CT

 Reviews for Roses, Wine & Murder:  

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"...a perfect blend of mystery and murder in the hands of a master storyteller... an exciting read, intelligently plotted." Divine Zape, Readers' Favorites - 5 Stars

"Roses, Wine and Murder has a little of everything for readers; vineyards, gardening, mystery, intrigue, friendship, crazy escapades, and is truly worth reading."
 Trudi LoPreto, Reviewer 5 Stars 

Photos of locations that inspired the story:

Long Island Sound ferry and the gardens of Harkness Park

Story Inspiration:
Thames River Greenery, Wine, Spirits & Cigar Lounge, New London, CT

Detective Morrison is chasing down a villain through gritty streets to posh vineyards and finds clues that lead across the waters of Long Island Sound.

Dockside in New London, CT

Young has written a very captivating and descriptive story... so descriptive readers will feel like they can smell the flowers, taste the wine and feel the sea breeze. by Missi M., Cozy Mystery Books

 Story Inspired by Thames River Wine & Spirits, New London

 "The brilliantly woven canvas upon which Rose tells her story has it all from pirates to poisonous plants! I implore all of you to curl up on the couch with a warm cup of tea or nice glass of wine, clear your mind and escape into Roses, Wine and Murder."
 Terrie Scott, Editor and Author of Shattered Rose 

Story inspiration: Jonathan Edwards Winery, North Stonington, Ct
For the sake of the case the Detective's go vineyard hopping to question those who last saw the deceased wine connoisseur.
Story location: Ye Antientist Burial Ground, circa 1645, New London, CT

Roxanne worries about Georgi as she gazes into the old town cemetery. She reads a haunting epitaph that begins:
Stop traveler as you pass by, as you are now so once was I...

Thank you so much for reading,
Roses, Wine & Murder 
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Bedell Cellars, Long Island, NY
Bedell Cellars, Long Island, NY

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