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Roses, Wine, & Murderis a modern-day mystery laced with New England history in the vineyard regions of Connecticut and Long Island, New York. This fast-paced adventure occurs during a Presidential visit to the Coast Guard Academy while a diabolical villain snakes through the labyrinth streets of  New London, the City of Steeples. 

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Roxanne Samson, a sweet and sensible gardening expert, is targeted by a mysterious assailant after a man is found dead in her city garden.
Georgi Algarve, a flamboyant wine aficionado, becomes deeply entangled in the mayhem while serving wine dinners at the exclusive Vinho Verde Wine Bar. The endearing duo of Roxanne and Georgi, test Detective Morrison's resolve. They complicate his case with their sleuthing escapades and endanger themselves when yet, another body is found.

Story Inspirations:
Thames River Greenery, Wine, Spirits & Cigar Lounge, New London, CT

Detective Morrison is juggling multiple suspects, including a sophisticated Long Island widow.  Poisonous plants, Coast Guard action, and pirates are all included in this gripping tale.

Dockside Thames River, New London: Coast Guard, Subase Police, the ferry & tall ships.

   Story location: Ye Antientist Burial Ground, circa 1645, New London, CT

Medical Examiner, Dr. Angela Storm enlightens the detective with unexpected details of the killer's methods.

           Thames River Greenery, Wine, Spirits & Cigar Lounge, New London, CT

Story inspiration: Jonathan Edwards Winery, North Stonington, Ct
Detectives Morrison & Peabody, for the sake of the case, go vineyard hopping to question those who last saw the deceased Mitch Stockman.

Story location: New London, Connecticut along the Thames River
Founded in 1646

Story inspiration: Stonington Vineyards, Ct

Beautiful Bedell Cellars on Long Island, NY their Sparkling Rose' is highlighted in a wine dinner.

Roses, Wine & Murder in Print & Ebook available Worldwide and Locally in Connecticut and Rhode Island at:

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The Book Barn, Niantic, CT
Classic Country Furniture & Gifts, Uncasville, CT
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Grapevine on Long Island, NY